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Superhero City - Roblox

Super City is a game made by Independent Game Developer Mat Dickie for Android and IOS devices released in early 2016. Its roster has over 150 characters and its map is made up of 30+ large zones. Players are able to pick from the superhero, villain, and neutral rosters; most of which are parodies of Marvel and DC characters. Using the new tools, powers, and Wrestling Revolution combat, players are able to roam the city in an attempt to win over the separate zones of their side. the game is a successor to Weekend Warriors (2015) and a predecessor to Wrecked (2017)

superhero city


This Faction's goal is to take back the city from the 2 other Factions for the greater evil. Basically dominating all of Super City they have Marvel, DC Characters and wrestlers as well as Whack Ax, Whack Oz, and more

This Faction's main goal is to take back the city for nothing else just to return it to its normal state. Basically being the most weak and basic faction of them all, it only has 10 characters (1 DC character, and 9 Marvel characters)

In July 2011, local police recorded ten citizens patrolling the city of Seattle in superhero costumes, using the names Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, The Mantis, Prodigy, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, Penelope, and Phoenix Jones. Other members included "Red Dragon",[3] Midnight Jack, Omega, Karma, SkyMan and El Caballero.[4] "Purple Reign" worked mainly on intelligence and advocacy against domestic violence.[5][6]

In Superhero City, you start off as a new superhero in a lab. Talk to the professor to get your first main quest. Train in areas all over the map to get lots of strength in the 5 powers that you have! Complete quests to gain coins, skills, badges, and even more coming! Try and get as powerful as you can! (This game is a better version of Super Power Training Simulator and inspired by it.)

Location: From spawn go straight up the left road to Shady Street tunnel, turn left past Nightclub and Fortune teller. Go right on the edge of the city and turn right to the tunnel in the side of the island.

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Train yourself to become the superhero the world needs in Superhero City! Upgrade your strength, defence as well as your mind to the best they can be, and use your new found skills to take out other players as well as enemies you may find across the map. Complete quests as you explore to earn coins for your character, which can be spent in the shop on a wide selection of cool items for your character.

Longshot City's rulebook will detail three different campaign structures to help players generate superhero stories, along with KO tables to help superheroes drained of stamina to avoid death via kidnap, flashback, gritty reboot or another method.

The Mayor of Superhero City seems to be a mayor who is very concerned about the future of his city, and hates to have super villains attack it. He wears a yellow and blue costume based on the first character Stan Lee ever published, the Black Marvel. His real name has never been revealed. He likes the package stuffing called Excelsior.

In the preview that takes place in Last Chance, CA, a seemingly new coastal DC "city that shouldn't be" built into a bluff between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, Jack tracks down City Boy, a young man who seems to share similar powers but seems to use his to find things of value to steal ... at least for now.

The Mark Green Sports Center will dedicate $5 from each registration to our Parkinson's Foundation Moving Day Fundraising Team. Later this year the Parkinson's Foundation will host the annual Moving Day event which raises funds and awareness for Parkinson's. Our Parkinson's Exercise Program in Union City is supported by a grant from the Parkinson's Foundation made possible by events like Moving Day. For more information, visit

Below are listed famous superheroes from comic books, television, film, and cartoons and the primary city where they are based in or operate from. As some superheroes do not have a primary city where they perform feats of derring-do, those were not included. Any additions or corrections are most welcome.

In a previous game (that sadly fell apart as my laptop died) I used Crown City and had various things in the city names after royal things - The local baseball team was the Crown City Prince's, the districts were the Kings , queens Prince's ect...

The young superhero represents more than just New Jerseyans, however. Khan, played by 19-year-old Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani, is the first Muslim superhero and the first character of South Asian descent to lead an MCU series or movie. Khan was also the first Muslim Marvel character to headline her own comic book.

I want to create a large metropolitan city in the same vain as Gotham City or Metropolis - ergo, a fictional city located somewhere in modern day America. Perhaps located along the north-eastern seaboard near Boston.

Kids are invited to skate with their favorite superheroes on the Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink! Free face painting will be available during the event. Costumes are encouraged, and complimentary capes and take-home crafts will be given to kids while supplies last.

The city would later become infamous for its crime and corrupt politicians. It is known to be the home of Vic Sage, a journalist who leads a double life as the vigilante known as the Question. The Question would eventually be key in cleaning up some of the major criminals and uncovering graft across the city. It has also been the home of Ted Kord, better known as the Blue Beetle, and the headquarters of his company Kord Industries.

Students make a city building mailbox then use the Kryptonite kindness cards to write kind notes to their classmates. Perfect for building a caring classroom and an fun addition to any Superhero themed classroom!

Peatónito has left Mexico City but has not given up on his commitment to walking and pedestrian safety. His legacy is still inspiring many activists groups in Mexico and more superheroes were born in other Latin American cities.

Pinnacle City is many things to many people. To some it is a glittering metropolis, a symbol of prosperity watched over by the all-star superhero team, the Pinnacle City Guardians. Beyond the glitz and glamour, there is another city, one still feeling the physical and economic damage of the superhero-villain battles of generations past. The lower class, immigrants, criminals, aliens, sorcerers, and non-humans alike call this city home, looking to make a living, which is becoming increasingly difficult as the two sides of the city seem prepared to boil over into a violent conflict.

Superhero Kimberly Kline has just hit it big, graduating from her team of young heroes to the Pinnacle City Guardians with the new codename of Solar Flare. With good looks, powers that include flight, energy manipulation, superhuman strength, durability, and speed, as well as a good family name, the sky is the limit for her. Upbeat, optimistic, and perhaps a little naïve from the upper-crust life she was raised in, she hopes to make her family, and the world, proud by being the greatest superhero she can be . . . but things aren't always as they seem.

Batman: Arkham City also debuted what is perhaps one of the most engaging open-world traversal systems, where players nosedive as Batman and cape-glide upward with momentum that could potentially carry them throughout the entire Arkham City compound if they also employ well-timed grapnel boosts in-between each glide. Batman: Arkham Knight arguably improves upon this traversal system greatly, with much faster and higher grapnel boosts in an interconnected island city that has skyscrapers reaching immense heights.

Unlike previous incarnations, this Gotham City is shown to be both crime-ridden and polluted, as Jim Gordon wanted to move out of the city so he could have a happy life with his daughter. According to Poison Ivy, the polluted clouds of Gotham are the only ones that the Bat-Signal will work on.

The Mayor of Superhero City is a recurring character on The Super Hero Squad Show voiced by Stan Lee. He seems to be a mayor who is very concerned about the future of his city, and hates to have super villains attack it. He wears a yellow and blue costume. His real name has never been revealed. He likes the package stuffing called excelsior.

Locals have previously spotted the TV show filming around the city, including an epic fight scene, a car explosion scene, and epic aerial stunts. One local even snagged a photo with the lead superhero.

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, all City of Boerne employees gathered August 25 for an Employee Appreciation Lunch. During the superhero-themed gathering, employees were recognized for tenure milestones for their time with the City.

Depression-era New York City was a hub of pulp publications. Pulps, which usually cost five to 10 cents, were adventure magazines targeting a male readership. An offshoot of this industry, the superhero comic books genre is mainly recognized as launching in 1930s New York City, explains Debra Schmidt Bach, associate curator of decorative arts at the New-York Historical Society. Many creators of the first superhero comic characters and books had worked in the pulp magazine industry or were longtime science-fiction fans. The earliest issues of superhero comic books addressed the concerns of city dwellers in post-Depression America, and this motif, in turn, was inextricable from America's city.

"It became really clear by looking at World War II era comic books, and comic books that took on World War II in various ways, that there was a real story behind those issues," Bach says. "Several of the superheroes during the war years addressed different facets of American concerns about the war."

It turns out you can learn a lot about a city by simply tracing its transit history. According to Delia, San Francisco is one of the few cities remaining in the country that continues to use a historic trolley system, providing a literal preservation of memories that are often dismissed in the internet age.


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