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Todo lo que debes saber sobre Apklis y Transfermóvil, las apps que revolucionan el comercio electrónico en Cuba

Apklis Transfermovil 2023: A Guide to Cuba's Mobile Payment System

If you are planning to travel to Cuba in 2023, or if you already live there, you may want to know about one of the most popular and convenient apps in the country: Apklis Transfermovil. This app allows you to pay for various services, buy online, and manage your telecom services from your mobile phone. In this article, we will explain what Apklis Transfermovil is, how to use it, and what are its benefits.

apklis transfermovil 2023

What is Apklis Transfermovil?

Apklis Transfermovil is a mobile app developed by ETECSA, the state-owned telecommunications company in Cuba, and three Cuban banks: Banco Metropolitano (BANMET), Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC), and Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA). It was launched in 2017 and has been updated regularly since then.

A mobile app developed by ETECSA and Cuban banks

The app is available only for Android devices and can be downloaded from . It requires a Telebanca card, which is a debit card linked to your bank account that allows you to make online transactions. You can get a Telebanca card from any of the three participating banks.

A platform to pay for services, buy online, and manage telecom services

With Apklis Transfermovil, you can access a variety of services from your phone. Some of the main services are:

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apklis transfermovil 2023 plan amigos

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apklis transfermovil 2023 como pagar las multas mediante la aplicacion

apklis transfermovil 2023 como realizar el pago de servicios compras en linea consultas y tramites bancarios y la gestion de los servicios de telecomunicaciones

apklis transfermovil 2023 como recibir los anuncios de las ofertas promocionales disponibles ya sean rebaja de tarifas venta de equipos y otros servicios

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  • Paying for utilities such as electricity, water, and phone bills

  • Paying for taxes to the ONAT (National Office of Tax Administration)

  • Paying for fines issued by the police or other authorities

  • Transferring money to other bank accounts or mobile phones

  • Recarging your mobile phone balance or your Nauta internet account

  • Buying online from Cuban e-commerce platforms such as EnZona or TuEnvio

  • Managing your telecom services such as changing plans, activating offers, or checking balances

A tool for financial inclusion and convenience

Apklis Transfermovil is a useful app for both travelers and residents in Cuba. It helps with financial inclusion, as many Cubans do not have access to traditional banking services or credit cards. It also provides convenience, as it saves time and money Continuing the article: by avoiding queues and fees at physical locations. It also supports the Cuban economy and people, as it promotes digital commerce and financial inclusion.

How to use Apklis Transfermovil?

Using Apklis Transfermovil is not very complicated, but it does require some requirements and steps. Here is a brief guide on how to use Apklis Transfermovil in Cuba.

Requirements: an Android phone, a Telebanca card, and internet access

To use Apklis Transfermovil, you need to have an Android phone, as the app is not available for iOS devices. You also need to have a Telebanca card, which is a debit card linked to your bank account that allows you to make online transactions. You can get a Telebanca card from any of the three participating banks: BANMET, BANDEC, or BPA. You will need to provide your ID and proof of address to open a bank account and get a card.

Finally, you need to have internet access on your phone, either through mobile data or Wi-Fi. Internet access in Cuba is not very cheap or fast, but it has improved in recent years. You can buy mobile data packages from ETECSA or use public Wi-Fi hotspots in parks, hotels, or other locations. You will need to buy a Nauta card or use the Nauta app to access the Wi-Fi network.

Steps: download the app, register your card, and start using the services

Once you have the requirements, you can download the app from . You can also scan the QR code on the Telebanca card to download the app. After downloading the app, you need to register your card on the app. You will need to enter your card number, PIN, phone number, and email address. You will also need to create a password and a security question for the app.

After registering your card, you can start using the services offered by Apklis Transfermovil. You can access the services from the main menu of the app. You can choose from different categories, such as Utilities, Taxes, Fines, Transfers, Recharges, Online Shopping, and Telecom Services. You can also check your balance and transactions history on the app.

To pay for a service or buy something online, you need to select the service or product you want, enter the amount and details of the payment, and confirm with your password. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone and email after the payment is processed.

Tips: use a VPN, download the app before arriving in Cuba, and check for updates

Here are some tips to make your experience with Apklis Transfermovil smoother and safer:

  • Use a VPN (virtual private network) when using public Wi-Fi or mobile data in Cuba. A VPN will encrypt your data and protect you from hackers and censorship. Some websites and apps may be blocked or restricted in Cuba, but with a VPN you can access them as if you were in another country. Some of the best VPNs for Cuba are .

  • Download the app before arriving in Cuba, if possible. The internet speed in Cuba is not very fast, and it may take a long time to download the app. If you download it before arriving in Cuba, you will save time and money on internet access.

  • Check for updates regularly on the app. Apklis Transfermovil is constantly improving and adding new features and services. To enjoy the latest version of the app, you need to update it frequently. You can check for updates on , or on the app itself.

What are the benefits of Apklis Transfermovil?

Apklis Transfermovil has many benefits for both travelers and residents in Cuba. Here are some of them:

Save time and money by avoiding queues and fees

One of the main benefits of Apklis Transfermovil is that it allows you to avoid long queues and high fees at physical locations. For example, if you want to pay your electricity bill or recharge your mobile phone balance, you don't have to go Continuing the article: to a bank or an ETECSA office and wait in line for hours. You can do it from your phone in minutes. You also save money by avoiding fees that are charged by some intermediaries or agents. For example, if you want to buy something online from TuEnvio, you don't have to pay a commission to a third-party website or app. You can pay directly with Apklis Transfermovil.

Access a variety of services from your phone

Another benefit of Apklis Transfermovil is that it gives you access to a variety of services from your phone. You can pay for ut


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